Equanimity® enhances the wellbeing of the horse by significantly reducing stress related disturbances and facilitates its training by improving his horse focus and concentration.

Equanimity® can be used either preventively or as a part of a reeducation program. For optimal results in a reeducation program, Equanimity® should be administered prior to the reeducation exercises.

Equanimity® is recommended for young horses, for all horses exposed to a new situation or exercise, and for those that are nervous, highly-sensitive to any new feature in their environment (stallion, mare, gelding, foal, pony and mule)

Equanimity® is available in a single 5 ml gel dose which is very easy to administer. The product should be administered 20/30 minutes prior stressing the horse and the efficacy lasts 2 hours.

Shake the stick 30 to 40 seconds prior opening. The application must be equally distributed between the two nostrils. The product can be reapplied over and over with no risk for the horse health.

Composition:  Synthetic analog of equine appeasing pheromone (E.A.P.) – excipient 5 ml